Sinus rhythm is the pace at which your heart pumps with a steady regular beat when at rest or accelerated as the body demands. Your heart rhythm and, therefore, heart rate is controlled by the sinoatrial node in the right atrium of your heart and that is why the resultant action is called a sinus rhythm.

The sinoatrial node is the spark plug that sends electrical impulses to the heart muscles setting rhythmic contractions that pump blood.

Causes for irregular sinus rhythm

An abnormal heart rhythm or flutter, otherwise known as atrial fibrillation, is considered a high-risk medical condition to be managed urgently.

This condition is caused by obesity at times or the use of beverages strong in caffeine like coffee or tea. Excessive alcohol consumption in one sitting or binge drinking, including that of energy drinks, can interfere with a normal sinus rhythm causing a flutter.

As you seek medical treatment for this condition, you may also consider home remedies to help stabilize your sinus rhythm.

Preparations from plants like the aconite are good at managing tachycardia; however, a certified homeopathic practitioner must prepare this plant, as it can be lethal. Lilium tig is equally effective and a non-toxic natural medication for violent heart rhythm in patients that can be used at home.

Non-medical causes of irregular sinus rhythm

High stress, fear, and anxiety can cause a marked disruption of normal sinus rhythm in a person facing a dangerous situation. As much as this may cause flutter and a noticeable pain in the chest, it, however, resolves on its own once out of the stressful situation.

Good oxygen supply is necessary and a quality homeopathic pure 100% natural antiseptic nasal spray that is non-addictive like most brands will clear germs and irritants in airways without causing irritation.

All it takes in cases like these is to relax once through with the physical activity to allow the sinoatrial node to stabilize heart rhythmic. You could also avoid stressful situations that may cause anxiety or fear that leads to irregular heart rhythm. Move to a quiet place and allow yourself to relax and recover from the trauma you may have suffered.

Is sinus arrhythmia fatal?

Abnormal and dangerous heart rhythm due to problems in the sinoatrial node and badly mixed electrical impulses are the causes of sudden cardiac arrest. This condition, also known as ventricular fibrillation, can lead to death in minutes if CPR is not performed promptly.

This disorder in the sinoatrial node may occur without warning or prior history of heart disease and can happen to anyone notwithstanding his or her health status.

The problem with sinus arrhythmia is that you know not when it will strike as this happens suddenly in otherwise healthy people. Some of the preemptive measures one can take to guard against sudden cardiac arrest are living a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and eating healthy organic foods.

Closely monitor any heart condition you may have, check if there is a family history of predisposition, and avoid smoking and